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Oversize cargo transport

Oversized loads are all considered to be larger than the following:

1. width of – 2.5 m.

2. height above – 3,2 m.

3. Length exceeding 13,6 m.

4. weighing more than 24 t.

Vehicles with overall dimensions not exceeding a total mass of 45 tones or axle load not exceeding by more than 30% the permissible maximum axle loads according to Section II of Ordinance No. 11, as well as those with dimensions: width – up to 3.30 m, height – up to 4.30m, and length – up to 22m. They are allowed to move after paying only the due charge for oversized and / or heavy vehicle.

Cargo Transporter can provide a complete transportation service for oversized cargo in Bulgaria and Europe. We will take care of all the necessary documents, permits, escorts, cargo insurance and more. We will only need detailed information on the dimensions and weight of the cargo, possibly a sketch or photograph of the goods and dates for the transport. We will also set an approximate transit time upon request. We can also offer a solution for loading and unloading operations with the necessary equipment.

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