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Customer Terms and conditions

1. Cargo Carrier Ltd., hereinafter referred to as “freight forwarder”, agrees to arrange, on its own behalf, but at the expense of the shipper, only as a freight forwarder, the carriage of the goods described in the application under the terms of this contract application. . The Freight Forwarder is not responsible for incorrect and / or incorrect completion of the order by the shipper. In case of differences in the weight and / or size of the cargo from the stated, all additional costs are at the expense of the shipper, and if the shipped cargo exceeds the agreed quantity, the shipper owes additional freight in proportion to the originally agreed.

2. The shipper shall owe the freight forwarder compensation for all direct and immediate damage resulting from incorrect and / or incomplete completion of the order.

3. The Freight Forwarder shall not be liable for damage or loss of cargo, unless damage or loss has occurred through his fault.

4. The Freight Forwarder and / or Carrier shall not be liable for delays in loading and / or delivery caused by natural disasters, closed roads, wars, strikes, embargo, acts of public authorities and other force majeure circumstances.

5. All prices offered for transportation by Cargo Transporter OOD are exclusive of VAT, depending on the relation (inside or outside the EU).

6. Upon cancellation of a request for transport within 24 hours before loading, the consignor shall pay a one-time penalty of EUR 200.

7. Upon cancellation of a request made on the day of loading, the shipper shall pay a one-time penalty of EUR 300.

8. A possible stay of the vehicle over 6 hours at the loading point and over 12 hours at the unloading point for reasons beyond the control of the carrier shall be paid by the freight carrier of Cargo, Cargo Transporter Ltd in the form of an additional freight of EUR 100. for the first 12 hours started and EUR 150 each for the next 12 hours.

9. In the case of re-routing a car and / or return from the originally stated loading / unloading or other point, for each additional mileage made, an amount of EUR 1.50 without VAT is paid for each kilometer traveled, above the originally agreed freight.

10. The shipper is obliged to pay the freight due in the amount and according to the terms of this request.

11. The shipper declares that he is aware of and accepts the above conditions of the freight forwarder.



Date: …………………….. Signature and stamp of the shipper …………….. ……………


Date ……………………. Signature and stamp of forwarder: ……………… …………………

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